July 06, 2015

Celebrating Children's Book Week

From 6 - 12 July it's Children's Book Week so we'd love to know what your little one's favourite bedtime story is?

We may be a little biased but we have to say that two of our absolute favourite children's books are Dumbo and Fantastic Mr. Fox, which suit our Ellefunk and Urban Fox bedding collections perfectly!

Reading to your baby helps build vocabulary, stimulates imagination, and improves communication skills. The more you speak to your child from the outset, the better it is for her growth and development.

A running commentary on what's happening in the neighbourhood during a walk, or naming your child's body parts as you bathe her, are good ways to talk to her. Reading also helps to increase the verbal interactions you have with your child.

Reading to your baby introduces her to the concepts of stories, numbers, letters, colours, and shapes, and gives her information about the world around her. It also builds memory and vocabulary skills.

By the time she's a year old, your baby has already learned all the sounds she needs to speak her native language. The more words she hears, the better she'll be able to talk.


Here are some top tips for reading to your baby:

  • Name familiar and new things – this can help your baby learn about sounds and words. The more words children hear, the more words they learn.
  • Change the tone of your voice as you read – this makes it easier for your baby to pick up on different speech sounds, an important step in learning to make sounds himself
  • Read slowly and spend time on each page after you read the words – this lets your baby focus
  • Set up a special reading space at home – for example, a chair, lounge or beanbag that’s big and comfortable enough for you and baby, with a box of books or bookshelf nearby. 
  • Make a routine, and try to share at least one book every day. For example, sharing a book can be a relaxing way to end the day.
  • Turn off the TV or radio, and find a quiet space so your baby can hear your voice
  • Try out funny noises and sounds – play and have fun!
  • Hold your baby close or on your knee while you read, so she can see your face and the book.


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