April 13, 2015

Sweet Dreams - Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep

Sweet dreams - tips to help your baby sleep

We’re all about making baby’s bedtime as snuggly and cosy as possible with our fab range of baby bedding, but we thought you might welcome some extra tips on how to help your baby slumber sweetly through the night.

Here are our top 10 tips.

  • Make daytime feeds lively and social but at night make them quiet and calming so that your baby gets use to the difference between day and night, and can start to get their body clock in place. 
  • Try to let your baby fall asleep by itself as if you rock it before it goes to sleep, it will rely on this every bedtime. 
  • Set a bedtime routine that a baby can get used to, like having a bath, then putting on pyjamas, having a final bottle, reading a bedtime story, then bed.
  • If you give your baby a object like a teddy that you’ve had near you so it has your scent on, it may help to bring them comfort when sleeping by themselves. 
  • Put your baby to bed when they are drowsy and not fully asleep. 
  • Keep the rooms well lit for daytime naps and on an evening make the room dark so they can differentiate the difference between day and night. 
  • For day time sleeps have background noises going on, instead of creeping around quietly. In their room either have a fan going or a musical mobile.
  • Try warming the cot or moses basket gently with a hot water bottle before putting baby in as they don’t seem to like cold sheets!
  • Newborn babies are used to being confined in the womb so swaddling or using a sleeping bag can give baby a sense of security and help them go off to sleep.
  • Use some relaxation techniques such as baby massage or gently stroking baby’s nose - this can be beneficial for both baby and sleep-deprived parent!

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